8 Ways To Sell A House With Great Real Estate Signs

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Real estate signs have been key to real estate sales for years but with the advent of the internet, people are starting to wonder if real estate signs are still required.  The answer is yes, this probably will never change because real estate signs don't just advertise the listing, they serve as a landmark for those looking for the listing.  With that being said, here are 8 ways that you can utilize a great real estate sign to sell a house.

Exceptional Placement

Part of using a real estate sign is that it gets the most visibility possible.  You want to make sure that your signage is properly placed to be visible from the most possible angles and locations.  Make sure that no trees, bushes, or other objects will obstruct your signage.  Exceptional placement also means that you need to find the part of the yard that allows the sign to have the best decorative benefits.

Use Top Quality Materials

There are a lot of different material options when you are designing your real estate signs.  If you choose poor quality materials, it will be noticeable in your signs and will make it less likely for someone to want to purchase your listing.  Using the best quality materials you can increase the likelihood you will make your sale.

Decorate The Area Of The Sign

The location of your sign can be decorated to help it stand out and draw attention subtly to the sign.  Planting flowers at the base or using potted plants is one example of how to do this.  You can also place lights at the base of the sign to illuminate it at night.

Offer QR Codes and URLs

QR codes are the modern way of making it easy to find all of the information about a listing easy to find.  A potential buyer only needs to scan the code with their phones and they will be taken straight to the URL of the listing.  Placing a URL for your realtor page also helps get customers because many people would rather view the web page than to take a flier.

Have Your Picture On The Sign

Placing your picture on the sign helps to build a sense of trust with a potential buyer.  They already know what you look like before they meet you so the barriers are already lowered, if only slightly.  For the most effective use of a picture, make sure you are dressed professionally but give off a vibrant appearance.

Clean The Sign Regularly

Many real estate agents don’t think to clean their real estate signs but why would you invest in a high-quality sign if you aren't going to clean it?  Making regular stops to your listings in order to clean the sign can help increase the appearance of your sign and through that, the appearance of your listing.  A simple wiping of the sign's face with a rag can make a big difference.

Stock Fliers Regularly

One of the most frustrating things for potential buyers is when a real estate sign is out of fliers.  They no longer have direct access to the information they want to know about your listing.  Ensure that you are making stops at all of your properties to stock the fliers regularly.  This can greatly increase your chances of selling your listing.

Prepare The Yard

Your sign can only do so well by itself.  It also relies on the appearance of the yard around it.  By preparing the yard by taking great care of it can help to increase the appearance of the sign.  Mowing the lawn is inexpensive and can help increase the sellability of a house, not to mention the professionalism of the sign.  Watering the yard, trimming bushes, and general yard care help to improve the appearance of your sign and bring attention to it.

Selling a house is a difficult process, you have to make sure that you are taking all of the proper steps to increase your chances of a sale.  A great real estate sign that follows these tips will help you to increase the chances of selling the house while decreasing the difficulty.  If you have any further tips, leave them in the comments below.

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Bobby Saint:
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You mentioned, "having your picture on the sign" when planning to sell your house. Recognition is very important and it can actually build a sense of trust between you and your potential buyer. If you put your face on the sign, the buyer already has an idea of what you look like even before he meets you. You also would like to wear a formal dress to go with the photo. This shows your professionalism. If I were to sell my property, I would consider putting my picture on the sign in front of the house. Thanks.

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