Does Your Orange County Real Estate Sign Get You Noticed?

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Is your Orange County Real Estate sign getting you noticed by working for you? Does your sign make you stand out?  Does your sign convey the right message about you? If you’re a Real Estate agent working in Orange County, you know how competitive the market is and the need to stand out rather than blend in.  That's why a well crafted,  good looking, custom real estate sign can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

On a daily basis we see common, recognizable logos with specific colors defining a company or its’ product.  Even in the real estate world, we may recognize a real estate brand name like Keller Williams.  It has its’ own specific color requirements, logo specifications and possibly a tagline that might be integral to the Keller Williams brand

So as a realtor pushing your product or service, does your real estate sign set you apart from  from all the other Orange County Real Estate signs out there?  Or go a step further, how does an agent for Keller Williams set themselves apart from all the other branded signs out there?

Jeanette Nelson, a Huntington Beach Keller Williams Realtor decided to rework her real estate signs. She transformed her generic looking Keller Williams For Sale signs into eye popping, distinctive looking signs that separated her from the rest of the Keller Williams competition. She knew how important it was to preserve the Keller Williams brand and color requirements, but realized she had to create her own unique and personal brand identity. 

She made a few simple but distinct changes to her signs:

She added a color gradient for her sign background and bolded lines.

Highlighted her name and target market – "Huntington Beach"

Emphasized here real estate team – "Nelson Group RE"

Instantly Jeanette was able to create her own unique and personal brand identity, in her own unique target market without sacrificing the integrity of the Keller Williams Real Estate Brand.

Jeanette’s new Huntington Beach Keller William signs were manufactured and produced by Reicherts’ Signs.  Reicherts’ Signs (RSI )  is an independent, locally owned full service sign manufacturing company located in Orange County – Santa Ana, California. With almost 30 years of sign experience in the industry,  Reicherts’ has been supplying custom made signs in orange county and nationwide for real estate and all types of commercial businesses.  Give Reichert’s Signs a call and let them know what they can do for you and your brand.

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