How to Prepare Advertising Signs for Selling a House

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 Real Estate Custom Yard SignsAny realtor who is worth the name knows how important it is to ensure that as many people as possible know about a house that's on sale. What better way to achieve this than to have well designed and conspicuous signs placed in strategic places to attract the attention of potential buyers?

Let's take a look at some of the things that you should think about as you prepare to sell a house.

How Many Signs to Make

When advertising, it is best to make at least 7signs. There should be one large sign on your front lawn that focuses on the details and at least six more that tell people where the open house is. The six other signs should be placed around the neighborhood or on the corner of a busy street where more people are likely to see it.  Arrows on the signs also help direct them to your location.

Posting an advertisement online is also a good idea. Posting on social media and asking friends to spread the word can give the house a lot of exposure in a very short time. These signs do not have to be extravagant, but they should include the basics on where the house is, a phone number, and some general details.

What to Write on the Sign(s)

The most influential part of a sign is what is says and how it is written. The main sign that will be located on the front lawn of the house is the most important. It is the first thing people read when they arrive for an open house and it can easily make or break a deal. People like to see a sign with a friendly face, a contact number, and some general information about the house. It creates a level of comfort and lets them decide if this is what they really want before even walking in.

The other signs that are located throughout the neighborhood or on street corners are less important, but they will be helpful in attracting potential buyers. It is important to remember that people will be driving by at 30+ miles/hour, so they will not be able to read a paragraph of information. Real estate signs located near main roads should be short and straight to the point. They should include the phrase “open house”, the address, a phone number, and one or two details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Signs can be made with a chalkboard material so that they can be used repeatedly.

How to Design the Signs

The sign that goes in the front of the house needs to be large and it should present a professional vibe. This means that you are better off sticking to neutral colors, a solid border, and professional font.

The signs that will go near main streets do not need to be as professional. The sign should have a large, bold, easy to read font. Depending on where you live, using a fancy and colorful font could help attract people to the sign.

Other Sign Options

On top of the signs that are required for selling a house, there a few other options that could drastically increase the amount of potential buyers that come and place a bid on an open house.

A great option for putting smiles on the faces of potential buyers is to place a sign on the door that welcomes them and tells them where to head. This creates an inviting atmosphere.

Another option is to place a sign on the main counter where pamphlets and business cards are. This sign should include another welcome statement as well as general information. For example,

               “Thank you for taking the time to view this house! I may be walking around with other clients right now, so please grab a pamphlet and a business card  and take a tour around this beautiful home!”

This tells the buyers what to do and lets them know that somebody is there and their presence is encouraged.


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