11 Best Locations To Install Your Real Estate Open House Signs

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Whether you are using Coldwell Banker real estate signs or another agency’s real estate signs, you will have open houses.  Open houses help to promote your listing and allow those who are interested in seeing your listing a chance to do so.  Where do you place your open house sign?  Here are 11 of the best locations to place your open house signs.


On Your Coldwell Banker Real Estate Sign


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No matter whether you use a Coldwell Banker real estate sign or another company you want to place an open house sign right at your for sale sign.  This indicates to those who are interested exactly where your listing is.  It is especially helpful in neighborhoods where you or your agency might have more than one listing.


One Block Away


Place an open house sign one block away from your listing so that it points at your Coldwell Banker real estate sign.  This helps to affirm that the open house signs are specifically for your listing.  It also gives people the final direction to your listing which can often be the hardest part of finding an address.  Make sure that your listing is visible from the open house sign.


On The Main Road


Look for the nearest main road and place an open house sign there.  Main roads may be busy but a lot of people are looking around as they drive.  If they see the open house sign their interest will be peaked.  Those who are looking for your open house from out of town will also be easily directed to your listing.


Anywhere That Might Generate Confusion


Drive the neighborhood and look for any roads that might cause confusion on likely routes to your open house.  These are great locations to place your open house signs as they will help potential buyers navigate to your Coldwell Banker real estate sign and through that, your listing.

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Near Cafes


Cafes play a major role in today’s society.  People stop at cafes to get their energy boost during their day but they also stop there to meet people and conduct business meetings.  By placing an open house sign by the café you are catching the attention of every person who visits the café.


At Busy Locations


Look for locations that are busy with foot traffic and/or car traffic.  Place your open house signs at these locations to get the most attention possible.


At Intersections


Placing your open house signs at intersections as opposed to the middle of streets allows you to catch the attention of everyone at that intersection.  That includes up to four directions of travel with one sign.  Placing them at busy intersections is especially effective.


Near Competitor’s Listings


By near competitor’s listings, we don’t mean placing the open house sign right out front of their listing.  Instead, place an open house sign at a nearby intersection to help drive unsatisfied or curious potential buyers to your listing in addition to that of your competitor.


Near Competitor’s Signs


There may come the time when you and a competitor are having an open house at the same time.  If you two use different open house signs you should place one next to or near your competitor’s sign.  This allows you to drive traffic to both locations.


In The Alley


If your listing has an alley directly behind it that gets a fair amount of traffic, it never hurts to put an open house sign pointed towards your listing.  This helps to increase the visibility for those walking and/or driving down the alley as well as for those that accidently drive past your listing.


Anywhere You Feel Is Necessary


If you have been in real estate for any amount of time you should have developed a gut feeling as to where you feel open house signs are needed.  Follow your gut in addition to following these tips.


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