Real Estate Sign Tips Only A Few Agent Know

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Real estate signs have been around for ages and people expect to see them when they go to a house that they are interested in. Getting the right real estate sign can be difficult though, a lot of different planning and action goes into customizing it just right.  Real estate agents who have been in the industry for a while have created their fair share of signs and have a few tips that you might not know about.  Here are some of the tips that we were able to find.

Your Sign Is The First Thing Someone Bases Your Encounter Upon

The first judgment of an account with a real estate agent does not come from the introduction or the handshake. It comes from the sign that they hang outside. Making sure that you use the best quality material and printing is critical. You do not want someone to get a negative impression of you from the start.

This also means that you need to have a very professional and fitting way to mount your sign. Plastic sign mounts and wire frames are cheesy. You also don’t want to spend a lot of money on your sign only to have them mounted on plastic.

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A Healthy Lawn Compliments Your Sign

Ask the home owners to do their best to keep their lawn at its best. A bad lawn will detract from the appearance of your sign. You can have the best sign in the world but a bad lawn will make it look like one of the worst. If you can’t fix the lawn easily, make efforts to attract attention away from the lawn and towards the sign.

Texting Is The Way Of The Future

Almost everyone knows that texting has replaced voice calls in most cases. Most new real estate agents don’t realize how important placing a number on your sign that can receive text messages is. Your potential buyers will often have questions that they don’t want to call you for or can’t call you for. A text message is quick and easy though.

You Don’t Just Leave Your Sign In The Ground

A lot of real estate agents will put their sign in the ground and then leave it unattended while the listing is up. You need to regularly take care of your sign. Start by making sure the mounting hasn’t lost its position at all. After that clean the sign off and dust the mount off to make sure that it has a fresh appearance. The longer your sign looks new, the better it looks.

Some Listings May Require Special Signs

There are a lot of different listings you will see throughout your career. Not all of them will work with the standard sign that you use for most listings. You may want a sign that is more noticeable if your listing is right next to another listing. If your sign is going to be exposed to any adverse conditions, such as regular mud, water, or sun you might want to opt for a more durable or better protected sign.

Try Decorating Your Sign

When you put your sign in the ground try to add some decorations to it. A few potted plants at the base of your sign in the same color as your branding will help attract attention to the sign. During the holidays you can add a little bit of seasonal decorations to add to the spirit of the holidays. Try to be non-denominational in any decorations you put up as to appeal to all of the potential buyers out there, not just the major ones.

Light Your Sign

Most real estate signs aren’t that visible in the dark. To help compensate for this, get a couple solar lights for your signs.  Place one on each side to help make your sign more visible. These lights will also help to direct attention to your signs.

Now that you are armed with the insider secrets to making a real estate sign set out and make the most of your listings.  The hardest part to any journey is starting it, but you can make a great career out of being a real estate agent with the assistance of amazing signage.

4 Comment(s)

Raisa Delima:
24/05/2017, 04:46:11 PM

I really like your idea of getting solar lights for your real estate signs so that they can stay on at night. I have never thought to do that because I didn't know these types of signs exist! Advertising at night as well as during the day would be good because different types of people go out at different times of the day. Putting out a lighted sign would mean you would be able to advertise to all of the people that tend to go out more after dark.

Cameron Bennett:
15/09/2017, 08:49:08 AM,

I like how you mention that getting lights for your sign will help it get attention at night. That is such a smart idea, and would be fairly easy with solar lights. That being said, it's important to make sure that the sign is going to look good, so that you'd want it to be visible 24/7. Having a good sign can make a difference when a property is on the market. Taking care of it allows it to gain more attention, giving you a great chance at selling.

Derek McDoogle:
23/09/2017, 10:44:55 AM,

It's great that you mentioned that certain listings will need to have something besides a standard sign to advertise them. I'll have to tell my buddy this when I talk to him tomorrow. I know that he will be happy to learn more about the process. He's thinking of becoming an agent and these tips will help him a lot!

Bobby Saint:

I appreciate you providing some safety tips for real estate agents such as enlisting a coworker and verifying customer information before an actual showing or open house. It is recommended that you tag along with a buddy if you ever plan to announce an open house so that person can assist with accommodating the guests or visitors. Also, it is important that you always verify the information of the guests by asking for a valid ID, current address, and contact information. This way, you would have some peace of mind that everything will turn out smoothly and most importantly, you're safe from possible harm. If I were an agent about to organize an open house, I would definitely take this into account. Thanks.

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