How Important Is Real Estate Signage These Days?

Posted by PSaliba 01/02/2018 1 Comment(s)

Real Estate Signage In Today's High Tech Environment

In today’s high-tech world, the focus is all about technology, web presence, social media and online advertising, but in your local world, a good old fashioned well designed real estate sign is an absolute must.  Here's all you need to know about real estate signage in today's world.

If in real estate it’s all about “Location, Location”, the focus in buying or selling real estate will always be “real estate signs, signs, signs”. 

To sell or to buy real estate, one must attract as many potential clients as possible.  This means the advertising and marketing efforts should be focused and deliberate.

Effective Real Estate Signs

Not all signs are created equal.  An effective sign clearly delivers the message without any confusion.  Focused, creative, and attractive real estate signs turn a first impression into a long lasting memorable message.

Real Estate Signage Placement

So, you’ve finally got your perfect masterpieces, now what?  Where and how you place your real estate, signs make a huge impact on attracting the foot traffic you so much desire.  When Realtors work with our team of Orange County custom sign makers, besides font, we discuss placement.

What the sign is used for and where it is placed will also dictate the material used, and what type of posts or stakes are also used to display the signage.

Do Your Real Estate Signs Work?

When purchasing anything, obviously cost is the first concern, but when it comes to marketing and attracting the right buyer or potential seller of a home, other concerns take precedent.

  • Are my Realtor signs attractive, and they capture the attention?
  • Are they different than what everyone else has, do they stand out?
  • Is My information clearly defined?
  • Am I using the right material to withstand outdoor weather?
  • Can I reuse my signs without having to worry about damage?

If you answered no to any of the above, or you’re unsure of the answer, we’re here to help.  Old, worn, used, and dirty signs aren’t doing you or your brand any favors.  Reichert’s signs have been providing the real estate industry with high quality, attractive and cost-effective open house signs, for sale signs, yard signs, and custom real estate signs that last.

Thousands of real estate agents and brands across the country rely on our expertise to help them get the highest quality for sale signs, and open house signs at a reasonable cost.

Need a Creative Sign Partner?

We employ the most experienced staff in the sign industry, if you’re looking for fresh ideas, brand concepts, and exceptional customer service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, rely on our team of art experts and sign makers to produce your next real estate signage.

1 Comment(s)

Bobby Saint:
08/02/2018, 12:42:01 AM,

I like that you provided some interesting insights and views regarding real estate signage in today's high-tech environment. You said that an effective real estate sign should be creative, attractive, and can turn a first impression into a long-lasting memory. I totally agree with what you said because putting up a real estate sign already says something about your reputation whether you're buying or selling a property. Hence, it's important to take some time and put some effort if you're trying to put up a sign for your commercial real estate. Thanks.

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