The Benefits of Truck Door Magnetic Signs

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Magnetic truck door signs are great for finding additional business for your company, no matter what it may be.  Your vehicle is driving between appointments and to and from home.  In America people commute further now than they have before and because of that your magnetic decals will expose people who never would have seen your business before.

Single Purchase

Because truck door magnetic signs attach to your vehicle you only need to purchase them once.  Unlike traditional advertising there is not a fee to leave them on your vehicle.  That means you can continue to reach hundreds of people without having to anything besides place your magnet on your car.

No Work

Magnetic signs work for themselves, you don’t need to spin them or move them.  The most work that you will have to do with your magnetic sign is remove it when you are done working for the day, if you so choose you can leave it on too.

No Permanent Vehicle Modification

Magnetic signs use the metal in your car to attach instead of using sticky material and/or paint, which means that your magnetic truck door sign won’t need any special kind of attachment.  Painting or stick glued on decals on your car will often ruin the siding of your vehicle and significantly reduce your resale value.  In most cases a magnet will never reduce your resale value.


Unless there is a significant difference between your old truck and your new truck when you buy magnetic truck door signs they are universal between trucks.  They will even work on most cars.  No need to buy new signage when you get a new vehicle.

Truck door magnetic signs are a great option for business people who want to increase the visibility of their company while not risking damage to their vehicle.  Signage that is magnetic is also not that expensive so it won’t require you to spend a small fortune to get your first sign.  For the best appearance don’t forget to get the background color of the signage to match your car’s paint color.

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