14 Tips For Realtors To Make Best Real Estate Signs

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When it comes to making real estate signs you want to ensure that you get the best signs possible.  Your signs act as the first thing that people see when they see when a potential buyer goes by your listing.  As such, we have created 14 tips to help you make the best real estate signs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

There are a lot standards set out for real estate signs that most people in the industry follow, don’t be afraid to set your own path.  This is how pictures and QR codes ended up as common place, people tried them and they worked.


What Buyers Would Do To Get Their Dearm Home

Source: http://www.trulia.com/

Ask Your Co-Workers What They Did

Look around your office and identify the most successful realtors there.  Approach them and ask what they did to make their signs look the way they did.  Typically the most successful realtors have the best signs.

Add A Picture

If your agency will allow you, add a picture.  Pictures serve as a way for potential buyers to identify you when they see you for the first time.  For many people, they find this comforting.  Make sure that you dress professionally for the picture.

Consider Using A QR Code

QR codes are the future of quick linking.  Using a simple app that is available on any phone for free, a potential buyer can scan the QR code and be taken directly to your website.  Alternatively, your contact information can be sent to them via the code.

Utilize Sign Space Effectively

You don’t want to just cram items on to your sign.  Use the space on your sign effectively and realize that there does need to be some blank space.

Use The Best Quality Available

There is nothing worse than to use low quality signs.  They will break, start to fade, or just look bad and your potential buyers will notice this.

Do Not Use A Plastic Mount

Do not use a plastic mount or a wire frame to mount your sign.  This looks cheesy and you have spent enough money on your sign that you want it to be displayed in the most professional way possible.

Use Professional Branding

If you work for an agency then make sure you choose to use their most professional layout.  For those that are independent realtors, make sure that you choose a very professional branding for the sign.

Have Your Sign Match Your Website

Not only do your signs need to be professional, they should match the branding on your website.  This creates a unified brand that helps people to remember you and your listings.

Use Colors To Influence People

Even when it comes to matching your branding there are typically choices when it comes to color.  Select the colors and designs for your sign in order to influence people.  For example, red grabs attention and blue is used to convey trust.

Use A Phone Number That You Can Receive Texts On

In today’s modern world people want to communicate via text more than they want to by voice.  Put a phone number on your sign that can receive texts.

Include A Link To Your Web Profile

Your sign should include a link to your web profile.  This allows those who see your sign to look up both you and your listing.  This helps to save time and money when it comes to flyers.  Plus it helps to match the digital world.

Ask Someone To Proof Your Sign

Most websites don’t allow you to return your sign if you misspelled something when creating the sign or typed something wrong.  Ask a co-worker or friend to look over all of the information on your sign to confirm it is accurate.

Feature Your Sign On Your Web Profile

Featuring a picture of your real estate sign on your web profile allows those who find your listing online more easily identify your sign when they drive by it in person.

With all of these tips for building the perfect real estate for sale sign you should be ready to go out there and dominate the market in your area.  Get your signs today and buy knowing that you know how to design them for the most effectiveness.  Comment with any other tips that you might have learned through experience.

5 Comment(s)

olivia nelson:
21/02/2017, 06:33:14 PM

I like your comment on how you would want to use a high-quality real estate sign. I would imagine that selling a home takes time and so it wold is important to get a sign that can hold up. I'm looking for a realtor to help me sell my home so I'll have to be sure they have a quality sign as well to use.

Raisa Delima:
24/05/2017, 04:42:46 PM

That's a good point; cramming information on your real estate sign isn't going to help the property get sold. Someone told me once that it's actually best to include information on only a portion of the sign and leave the rest of it blank. I think the logic behind that is that the sign will look better and be less confusing if it isn't covered in information. I'll definitely make sure we get some signs for our house that have a minimal amount of solid information so that we can sell as soon as possible.

Harper Campbell:
13/07/2017, 03:01:28 PM

It's interesting to know that when it comes to a realtor using a sign, there are somethings that they should do to make it look professional. I like how you pointed out that they should use colors to help draw people in. This is something that I believe helps attract a lot of people's attention, and makes them interested in whatever it is.

Amanda Drew:
14/07/2017, 06:26:03 PM

It sounds like a good idea to present the sign in the most professional way possible. I know that I always look at people's signs, and, I know I shouldn't but I do, judge them based on what it looks like. Finding a way to make your sign look as legitimate and professional as possible for a savvy business person is always a good idea.

Gloria Durst:

I appreciate how you say that you want to always use the highest quality materials when choosing a sign. It would make sense to find something durable and weather resistant if you are going to leave it outside. In addition to this, you may want to consider what colors will most attract people to your sign and your business.

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