Why Savvy Businesses Use Pull Up Banners?

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Great businesses pay attention to details.  Even the smallest details contribute to the effectiveness of a large company. 

In today’s competitive market, savvy businesses need to be on top of their marketing and advertising efforts. 

One way to do this is to show your organization’s or products’ features in an easy, colorful, economical way. 

You may want to take a look at the pull-up banners.

What Exactly Are Pull Up Banners?

Sometimes called “pop-up” or “retractable,” pull up banners are vertical banners designed to stand on their own.  We can make these signs with printed graphics of your choice and size. 

Prominent features of these banners include single or double sided printing, a built-in banner stand and carrying case.  These banners are quick to order, produce, and ship.

Envisioning an advertising campaign, trade show, or promotional event is different from executing one successfully.  Below are a few reasons why efficient business owners, large or small, make use of pull up banners.

Pull Up Banners Are Cost Effective

Are you planning for a carnival, exhibition, trade show, open house, business conference, or corporate event?  If so, one of your main concerns will be your time and costs.

You don’t want your costs to prevent you from being able to promote and display your product or service.   This is where pull up banners shine.

Standing at the height of a human or taller, pull up banners demand attention.  And are much more economical than many other signs in the marketplace.

Small and medium-sized businesses alike regularly order pull up banners due to their easy installation and cost advantage.  Pull up banners can help you save money and cut costs on your next marketing project.

Pull Up Banners Are Compact & Portable

A problem often associated with signage is mobility.  Most of the time, hanging banners are placed, remain stationary, and they require concerted effort to hang. 

On the other hand, pull up banners are movable at a moment’s notice.  They can be perfectly placed in areas with large crowds, a change of venue, or a last-minute expansion of the size of your event area.

You may also find that your initial setup of your signage is not conducive to getting the maximum exposure.  In this respect, relocating or moving your pull up banners can be done very easily.

Have you ever been at an event where a closed booth or area is not utilized or the neighboring business left early?  The compactness and portability of a pull-up banner of will enable you to rearrange your area to make use of the extra space with minimal effort.

The Simple Set-up of Pull Up Banners

Part of executing any promotional event is ease of setup. Spending hours or days organizing your venue is expensive, time consuming and non-productive.

Do you hate traveling to your event a day before- just to setup? Well,  with pull up banners,  you could show up an hour or two before the event and be ready to go.

Some companies spend money on overtime or contract employees to handle their pre-setup.  Unless there is a venue that will feature your business exclusively for a set time slot, this is often an added expense.

Additionally, even if some technical help is necessary for your presentation, utilizing pull up banners can add to your content.

Pull up banners come in a portable carrying case and can be pulled up from the base to locking position, in just a few seconds.

This allows you to focus on other aspects of your presentation while having an astonishing visual display. 

You will also be able to break down your setup very quickly since the signs retract into their roll-up base.  Simply insert them into their carrying case, and you are ready to leave.

The Reusability of Pull Banners

If you run a promotion several times a year or annually, you should think about how to maximize your promotional materials.  Instead of reprinting new signage and other items,  think about the economic value of reusing what you already have.

Pull up banners are an excellent choice for reuse.  Since they retract into themselves and are stored in their cases, they are protected from damage and wear and tear. 

We make pull up banners on quality vinyl that businesses can reuse year after year.

Vinyl pull up banners are versatile and can be useful for indoor or outdoor situations.  You can even use UV resistant ink for your graphic print for additional protection from sun fading. 

Are you thinking of using pull up banners for your next business event?  Give us a call.  Reichert’s Signs makes a variety of quality signage for businesses of all types.  Our pull up banners are a business favorite and we stand by all our work with a professional guarantee.  800-521-2115

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